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What is a ClickBank?

ClickBank is one of the best online distributors of digital products. ClickBank business model is based on matching together Publishers and Affiliates. Publishers are the ones who create online product and want to sell it. Affiliates are the ones who promote these products and receive a commission for doing that. Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start making money online because it doesn't require any prerequsites to start the business. You can just select your favorite product(s) and start promoting it! So if you don't have ClickBank account yet - don't wait, sign up now!

What is this site?

ClickBank Tracker is a free service which helps both affiliates and publishers make money with ClickBank. For affiliates it allows to choose a best ClickBank products to promote by using several powerful filters and providing very useful statistics. For publishers it allows to analyze the dynamics of product health: how the sales are going compared to the past, what are the current trends, etc. ClickBank itself provides only a static view for a current date and there's no way to see the dynamics unless you use this web site.

How to benefit from using this site?

ClickBank Tracker has several unique features which are not provided by ClickBank itself:

  • Unique RSS feeds to stay on top of daily ClickBank activities.
  • Original product price and a calculated approximate refund rate for a product.
  • Powerful filters allowing you to choose only the best products to promote.
  • Landing page preview and keyword density cloud for every product.
  • Traffic statistics: visitors count and Google's Page Rank.
  • Dynamic view of the product health for multiple time frames.
  • Most popular keywords over the entire aggregated ClickBank product set.

Usage example

Typical search for promising but not too competing products might be following:

  • Gravity between 20 and 100.
  • Gravity is increasing (positive momentum).
  • Payout not less than $20, otherwise your PPC campaign might not be profitable.

Here's the configuration of filters that executes such scenario: link. Check out this link every day to find new candidates for promotion.

Featured product

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